Dabbling with Vegetarianism

First of all, let me preface this with: I am NOT a vegetarian.  I am dabbling with vegetarianism. There’s a huge difference!  I am not doing this for emotional reasons or based on a belief system about why the animal / meat industry is bad. I am doing this for health reasons…and because my doctor suggested it. ... Read more » about Dabbling with Vegetarianism

#TTL3 - Making Hummus

Can you even BELIEVE it's going to be September soon?!?! Though the weather sure doesn't feel like fall is coming... 97 degrees today in Colorado...OUCH!  I did, however, spend the weekend dreaming of fall: cooking end-of-summer baked beans and perfecting my pumpkin bread recipe.  It took 3 times, but I mastered it. Beautifully. ... Read more » about #TTL3 - Making Hummus

Naming Creativity + {Shrek Juice} - HLTT5

Today's post could be titled: "How to get your kids to eat more veggies" or "How to get your hubby (who sometimes acts like a kid) to eat more veggies."  The answer? Deception, of course! OK, well, not so much deception as creativity. ... Read more » about Naming Creativity + {Shrek Juice} - HLTT5

Less is More + {Orange Glazed Carrots}

Starting today, I'm going with "Less is More" as the new mantra for this blog.  It came to my attention (from another blogger) that all the time and energy spent on writing daily posts (or 5x a week) might be falling on deaf ears.  Readers (like you!) are in blog-post overload. Recipe overload. Pinterest overload. You need some time to digest (and cook) all the wonderful recipes I'm publishing/creating for you. ... Read more » about Less is More + {Orange Glazed Carrots}

Toddler Trip to the Berry Farm + Vacay!

TGIF my friends!  For some reason this particular Friday is even sweeter than normal...oh, maybe because I am officially DONE with working?! After 10+ years day in and day out going to a job, sitting at a desk, calculating spreadsheets, and crunching numbers, I am done. My new life has begun! ... Read more » about Toddler Trip to the Berry Farm + Vacay!

Homemade Vegetarian Double Decker Tacos

We don't frequent Taco Bell, and as I mentioned in this post, Dear Hubby doesn't really like Mexican food.  But he LOVES their double decker tacos.  Crunchy layered goodness! So when brainstorming my next vegetarian meal attempt, these came to mind.  I saw the MorningStar Farms' Crumbles at Walmart and put them right into the basket.  These would be my base.  I bought a bunch of other veggies that I thought I could easily disguise, like a frozen veggie combo pack of corn, black beans, red peppers, and onions and a bag of fresh broccoli "slaw" ... Read more » about Homemade Vegetarian Double Decker Tacos

Eat More Veggies + {Peach, Pepper, & Bean Chutney}

I hope you already saw/read/entered to win yesterday's Monday Giveaway post about the gluten-free, veggie-packed "Better Chip."  If not, stop and do it now!  In preparing to do the review and taste test, I put together a number of dips/sides to accompany each chip flavor: like roasted red pepper hummus for the Red Pepper and Salsa fresca version, cranberry goat cheese & cherries for the Sweet Onion and Cheddar ... Read more » about Eat More Veggies + {Peach, Pepper, & Bean Chutney}