Better Snacking + {The Better Chip Giveaway}

If you missed last week, "Healthy Kids Grow" won an entire case of protein-packed breads, bagels, and wraps from P28 Bread in our 2nd Monday giveaway.  This week I am excited to introduce to you a new line of veggie-packed, gluten-free chips by The Better Chip.  I don't know about you, but I LOVE snacking.  Especially now that I have a toddler!  We eat little bits here and there throughout the day, whether it's a half cup of diced cherries, a piece of string cheese, or some hummus with bell peppers or a few chips.  This product is definitely being added to the repertoire.  The Better Chip is named that because each chip is made with better ingredients, is better tasting, and is better for dipping.

Better Ingredients:

Each chip is made from 100% natural ingredients and contains 40% fresh onions, peppers, or jalepenos that are simply diced and mixed with non-GMO white corn masa.  Here's the ingredient list of the Jalepeno version: CORN MASA FLOUR, SUNFLOWER OIL, JALEPENO PEPPERS, ONIONS, SEA SALT. 

That is it!!

Better Tasting:

The flavor is baked inside the chip, not just some sprayed-on artificial flavor.  At only 130 calories for the whole bag, this really is a "better" snack!

Better for Dipping:

They are thick, strong, and flavorful...the perfect accompaniment to a variety of dips.  Which brings me to these wonderful photos I'm excited to share with you!  They have 4 flavors, and all of them are really good: each useful for a different dip/occasion.

Introducing The Better Chip:

Red Pepper & Salsa Fresca: These were VERY flavorful on their own and could easily be eaten as a standalone, without dip.  They were a tad spicy, but as someone who LOVES bell peppers, these were true palate pleasers.  They were right at home with a side of red pepper hummus!

Sweet Onion and White Cheddar: This was quite possibly my favorite (though they really were all so good, it's hard to choose!).  They were a tad sweet from the onions and had the perfect amount of "cheesiness" from the cheddar. Again excellent on its own, but even yummier topped with cranberry cinnamon goat cheese and diced cherries!  Decadent.  And even Dear Hubby, the proclaimed "Onion-Hater" liked them :)

Fresh Corn and Sea Salt: On their own, these were much more plain than the other varieties, as expected.  But they were a solid base for any potential dipping.  The corn makes them sweet, even though there are ZERO added sweeteners.  I chose to dip mine in a homemade black bean, peach, pepper chutney (recipe coming tomorrow!).  Perfect crispiness. Perfect dipping.  Perfect snack.
Jalepeno and Sea Salt: They definitely had a kick (which is what I don't usually like about jalepenos - I'm a wimp!!).  But they were tasty dipped in a mild salsa.  They definitely won the award for prettiest chip though...look at those flecks of jalepeno close-up:

So now for the giveaway!

Up for grabs: TWO READERS will win a variety pack filled with 2 bags of each type of chip as well as some Better Chip merchandise (hat/t-shirt).

To Enter:

Leave me a comment below with which chip/flavor sounds the most appealing to you and what you'd dip it in (if anything). 

Bonus Entries:

1) (optional) Leave me an addtional comment below after you're Tweeted the following: 

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A winner will be chosen on Thursday night, July 12th at 8PM MST, and announced in Friday's Blogpost. The winner must be in the U.S.

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Disclaimer: because I have to make SURE you know this... these products were given to me to taste/review for free.  These thoughts and opinions are strictly my own, and I was not compensated for this post.