Toddler Trip to the Berry Farm + Vacay!

TGIF my friends!  For some reason this particular Friday is even sweeter than normal...oh, maybe because I am officially DONE with working?! After 10+ years day in and day out going to a job, sitting at a desk, calculating spreadsheets, and crunching numbers, I am done. My new life has begun! (well, kindof).  As you're reading this, I am sitting on an airplane with Babycakes, 2 weeks before her 2nd birthday so she's still free.  Free, but a handful lapful!  I brought so many new activities, snacks, flash cards, and odds and ends for her to play with...but we'll see.  If there's anything I've learned from parenthood, it's that you can plan all you want, but YOU're not really in charge of the situation!

Fingers crossed and a few prayers, I'll have GOOD NEWS to report to you on Monday :)

Toddler Trip to the Berry Farm:

A good friend of mine texted me yesterday to see if we'd like to join her and her son at a berry farm near Denver.  Babycakes and I were tired of packing and itching to do something new/fun, so we said YES! Here are a few of my favorite pics!

RIding the tractor to go pick strawberries:

The loot - fresh beautiful sweet strawberries!

Babycakes chasing after the chickens... "come on, chicken, I just want to hold you!!"

Toddlers toddling through rows of flowers... so cute!

And I brought my friend Shannon some of my leftover {Peach Pie Juice} to try. She LOVED it, and I quote: "OMG. This tastes JUST like peach pie!!"  Here she is, my juice modeling rockstar friend:

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!  I will miss you for the next few days, but be sure to check back for my awesome guest posts from lovely blends (blogger + friend) including how NOT to train for a marathon, summer exercise tips, and some decadent nutty butters :)  You're going to be in GOOD hands!

And the winner of the Cascal Soda Pop Giveaway is...

Deb, please email me your info and we'll get you your pop :)