Super Nutty Brownies

These Super Nutty Brownies made in partnership with are soooooooo nutty, even the milk and flour is nutty! Made with macadamia nuts, pecans, quinoa, cashewmilk, and almond flour... these brownies are totally nutrient dense, decadent, and DELISH... and happen to be naturally gluten-free / grain-free!

You know who loves decadent desserts? My hubby.  ... Read more » about Super Nutty Brownies

Grain-free Double Chocolate Coconut Cookies (Paleo)

These Coconut Cloud chocolate cookies are what dreams are made of. Lightly sweetened, grain-free, gluten-free, nut-free, packed with protein, and absolutely decadent and delish --- you'll want to make a second batch asap. ... Read more » about Grain-free Double Chocolate Coconut Cookies (Paleo)

Grain-Free Chocolate Heart Cookies

These little giftable Valentines' jars with grain-free chocolate heart cookie mix inside might be the cutest things ever. They're simple to assemble, you only have to add 3 ingredients to bake: milk, eggs, and oil, and they're absolutely delish! ... Read more » about Grain-Free Chocolate Heart Cookies

Beach Vacation + {Fudgy Mocha Mint Brownies}

We just got back from our beach vacation. After we swept the last bit of sand out of the truck (yes, we were crazy and drove remind me never to do that again!!!!). rewashed all the clothes that we had just washed the day before (because for some reason they just smelled stale), and put all the newly purchased beach toys into the sand box, we had a few moments to reminisce. Babycakes absolutely fell in love with the beach! ... Read more » about Beach Vacation + {Fudgy Mocha Mint Brownies}