Roasted Butternut Squash and Chickpea Greek Tacos

These Roasted Butternut Squash and Chickpea Greek Tacos are a fun twist on a typical street taco... with peppadew peppers, cucumber salsa, uber creamy Good Foods' Feta Cucumber Dip, and kalamata olives. Think eating vegetarian has to be boring or just salad, salad, salad? Think again!

You might remember that I was recently at the beach. 

Having picnics at sunset... Read more » about Roasted Butternut Squash and Chickpea Greek Tacos

Exciting Things Ahead + {Chickpea Cornbread}

There are potentially some really exciting things on the horizon for me and my little blog in the near please send some of your positive thoughts, prayers, and vibes this way!!   I am bursting with anticipation, excitement, fear, and hope. And when (if) any of them turn into reality, I will share the heck out of them with YOU. Did you know that YOU are the primary reason I love doing this so much?  I love interacting with you, equipping you, and motivating you to be your best self. ... Read more » about Exciting Things Ahead + {Chickpea Cornbread}

E-Cookbook Giveaway!! + {Double Chocolate Brownies}

If you didn't already hear, yesterday my e-cookbook was made available for download. THANK YOU so much for those of you who already got your copy!! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the recipes, photography, and personal stories :)  Surprisingly perhaps, I priced the cookbook really low (ie. less than a latte --only $3.99) hoping more people would have access to the nourishing recipes inside ... Read more » about E-Cookbook Giveaway!! + {Double Chocolate Brownies}