Carrot Cake Butterscotch Bark

All of the yummy flavors and key components to carrot cake, but in bark form. Naturally gluten-free, completely delish.  ... Read more » about Carrot Cake Butterscotch Bark

Crispy (Baked) Sweet Potato and Carrot Shoestring Fries

So the first question is... do you have a spiralizer yet? (this is the one I use and love) ... Read more » about Crispy (Baked) Sweet Potato and Carrot Shoestring Fries

Giving Away Food, Taste-Testing + {Triple C Juice}

As you probably know, I am working like a madwoman on a real hardback cookbook. With a deadline at the end of March, it means that every couple of days I am creating 7+ new recipes, hence all the "voting" pics on my Facebook page. What you might NOT know is that I completely overdid it over the holidays, gaining a few pounds. ... Read more » about Giving Away Food, Taste-Testing + {Triple C Juice}

Little Miss Personality + {Hawaiian BBQ Sliders}

Most of you have never met my daughter, lovingly referred to as "Babycakes" on this blog. But if you did, you would a) be surprised at how well she can speak -- it is like having a conversation with a little adult, b) be enamoured by her sweetness and genuine concern for others, c) be impressed by the variety of foods she'll put into her mouth and actually swallow (and dare I say, enjoy), d) be shocked at how many times she asks "why?" -- not to be annoying, just because she is genuinely curious and interested in discovering how her environment works and e) wonder where ... Read more » about Little Miss Personality + {Hawaiian BBQ Sliders}

Babycakes' Lunch + {Sunrise Citrus Juice}

Happy Saturday, y'all!  Yesterday a couple of things dawned on me while I was making Babycakes' lunch:       1) WOW, it sure was beautiful and colorful. 2) My girl is growing up soooooooooo fast! Remember when she was just a little baby? ... Read more » about Babycakes' Lunch + {Sunrise Citrus Juice}