Weekly Weigh-In #4 + Things my dad taught me

Awwww, my dad.  You may have "met" him in my Important Things in life post from last week.  But what you don't know is that he has always been a great encourager in my life, always knowing just the right thing to say at just the right moment.  I am soooo thankful for him!  (Aren't we cute in this pic from Christmas?)

I decided to start today's post this way, because frankly, I need some encouragement.  I have a lot of exciting things going on, with the guest blog on the Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead website, starting a running program -Pooch to 5K, and this new blogging journey where I share recipes, tips, and encouragement to all of you!

But, it's also weigh-in day.  And I'm feeling disappointed with the results.  Before I get to those details, I will share a few things my dad has taught me along the years:

  1. Never give up.   If there's something worth fighting for and pursuing, keep your eyes focused on the prize and don't get discouraged when minor setbacks come (OH, and they will come!)
  2. Stay true to yourself. Don't sacrifice your beliefs or values to get ahead in the short-term.
  3. Use the WIN Method (What's Important Now).  Tasks and goals have to shift from time to time as priorities change.  What's the most important thing you should be doing right NOW?   Do that.
  4. Plan the work, and work the plan.  
  5. If you don't have your health, you don't have anything.
  6. You can get through anything, with God's help.
  7. Life is short, enjoy it to the fullest.
  8. I am strong. I am smart. I am important. I am beautiful. I am loveable.

Here's an excerpt from an email he sent me the other day: 

" I really can’t tell you enough how proud I am of you for taking the bull by the horns and doing something about your health and future!  Your Mom and I have always been “goal-oriented” so it does my heart good to see you setting goals for yourself and your family!  Just fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!  You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Love, Dad"

Besides his obvious love of exclamation points, he loves me... his baby girl.  Here's a pic of us together when he first started giving me "life talks."  I was quite enthralled by what he had to say!

So I will keep my head up high as I disclose this week's weigh-in, knowing that there are going to be setbacks along the way on this long journey ahead.   I'm sure some of your have experienced setbacks in your own journey... and it's just what you do with them that matters.  Do you let it fuel you on to work harder the next week? Or do you give up?  I'm going to keep focused and keep my eye on the prize.

Previous Weight: 173.8 lbs (Week 3 Weigh-In)

Current Weight: 173.6 lbs

Change in Weight: -0.2 lbs 

TOTAL Weight-loss since starting the blog: -5.6 lbs

 I did still lose, but barely and hardly worth writing home about (or on this blog!)  I want need to make better progress if I'm going to hit my May 1st goal.

I will end with a few pics of me and my dad.  Remember what I said about him always knowing the exact right thing to say at the exact right moment?  Well, here's one of my favorite pics of us at my wedding.  We were "in the wings" ie (back kitchen room in the dark) waiting to enter the sanctuary and walk down the aisle.  He knew it would/could be a potentially emotional moment for both of us.  So at the exact right moment, he brought out of his pockets pictures of me fishing when I was 8, big toothless grin, dirt, worms, and fish slime all over my big oversized sweatshirt, so proud of the fish I'd just caught.  We were both laughing hysterically instead of crying.  The moment really was priceless, and our photographer snapped a quick pic (in the dark) so we could cherish it for years to come.

And here's a favorite pic of him in his new role as grandpa to darling Babycakes, who he likes to call "The Princess":

So to my dad (who is sooooooooo NOT a "blog" person, but hopefully will be today), thank you for everything you've done and been for me over the years.  Thank you for loving mom so dearly and keeping our family together through it all.  Thank you for teaching me so much along the way!!  I love you!!  You're the best dad and grandpa any girl could have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I even picked up his love for exclamation points :)


T.O.P (The Original Princess, as he likes to call me)



Have you experienced a setback?  Did it stop you in your tracks or propel you forward?

Who are the great encouragers in your life?

Also - TOTALLY random question:  do any of you have a good Quinoa recipe you love???