About Me

Soooo, what's super ironic is that for the first 30 years of my life, I didn’t enjoy, er… hated cooking. I often found myself in the kitchen mid-cooking soon realizing I was missing an important ingredient -- like making Honey Dijon Chicken and discovering I didn’t have any mustard! The shift came when I realized I much preferred looking into the pantry, seeing what was on hand, and creating something from scratch rather than trying to follow someone else’s recipe. And in doing so, I discovered I was quite talented at creating delicious, unique, and nourishing recipes,

The Big Reveal: {Nosh & Nourish}

I am sooooo excited to share this news with you: I am rebranding/renaming my blog "Nosh and Nourish."  Before you freak out, let me explain.  :)  I have been blogging for over a year now and have grown, changed and evolved in both my writing and photography as well as my recipe creation.  I am quite happy with the current site as far as layout, content, and overall format...but something wasn't sitting well with me with the name any longer.  Sugar isn't my only focus. ... Read more » about The Big Reveal: {Nosh & Nourish}

Before and After

Struggling with my weight for my entire adult life, I finally decided life is too short to live perpetually unhappy.  I have lost 55 pounds in the last year and am currently working on the last 25.  I made a few simple changes to my lifestyle (less sugar, smaller portions, and more veggies) and have never felt better! I'd like to share a number of "Before and Afters" with you to detail the differences from my old life to new. ... Read more » about Before and After

I feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty...{Reward Photoshoot}!

If you missed my Rewards and New Goals post from earlier this week, you should go back and read it!  I talk about the importance of setting goals and share some great tips on how to do it.   Part of what I discuss is why setting specific rewards (non-food related of course!!) can help keep you motivated and give you something tangible to work towards.           I recently hit one of my major goals - reachin ... Read more » about I feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty...{Reward Photoshoot}!

Parenthood & Dieting are NOT for the Faint of Heart

Well, my faithful blog readers on this journey towards good health with me...today I got nothin'.  No new recipe.  No motivational insight.  No photo documentation of amazing weekend meals.  Nothing except a simple phrase: Parenthood (and Dieting) are not for the faint of heart.  I feel something must be wrong with me personally, because I find it all so hard.  But, maybe it's just that others don't really talk about it.  It's like unwritten code that you can't talk about the ... Read more » about Parenthood & Dieting are NOT for the Faint of Heart

These are a few of my Favorite Things

I can't help but hum and want to start skipping and twirling through a field when I read those words :)  Am I crazy?  Maybe... But there's something about that song, those mountains, industriously crafting children's clothing from heavy curtain fabrics, etc... that just makes me smile :)              I thought for today's post I'd shake things up a bit and highlight a few of my favorite things (some food/kitchen related, some not). ... Read more » about These are a few of my Favorite Things

A Letter to my Future Self

You may not know this, but I am a part of a larger group of bloggers called "Healthy Living Blogs."  They have weekly recipe round-ups, where they solicit all of us bloggers' best recipes around a certain food, like avocado or strawberries.  You can see an example here.  They also have weekly blogging tips for those of us who spend so much time talking to our readers.  And they have monthly features around ... Read more » about A Letter to my Future Self

50+ lbs lost with No Counting: Calories or Points

Did you know I've lost 50+ pounds without counting? No counting daily calories. No counting points - activity or food related. No counting # of meals or # of fruits/veggies. No COUNTING. ... Read more » about 50+ lbs lost with No Counting: Calories or Points