Rinse Your Quinoa + {10 Yummy Quinoa Recipes}

Did you know you're supposed to rinse your quinoa 7 -8 times before cooking it? I asked this same question to my thousands of Facebook fans, and many had never heard that, let alone done it!!  Why is it important to rinse quinoa?  Because there is a detergent-like bitter coating on each quinoa seed, called saponin, which naturally protects the quinoa from birds and insects.  If this is not rinsed before cooking, it can cause stomach aches, or even a more severe allergic reaction in a particularly sensitive human being. Some quinoa brands tout being "pre-washed," which is great, but I still will rinse it at least once to make sure the water runs clear.

Not convinced? Look at this Before & After:

The left picture is quinoa after one rinse - completely cloudy. The right is after 7 rinses - finally clear.

How to rinse quinoa:

It's actually not super easy. The quinoa seeds are so small that a strainer isn't really that helpful.  Soooooo, here's how you do it:  I use a 4 cup measuring cup (as you see above)... 1 cup of quinoa, then fill up water almost to the top.  Swish the water around with a spoon (or your hand), then carefully pour most of that water out. Repeat this process 7 -8 times... until it finally comes out clear! Be forewarned: I do lose a few of the quinoa kernels in the process (which is painful because of how expensive it is!!!), but it's TOTALLY worth it in the end.

Now that you know how to properly rinse and prepare this superfood, go ahead and make it a staple!

  1. Quinoa Brownies
  2. Peach Cobbler w/Quinoa
  3. Quinoa Bruschetta
  4. Quinoa Meatballs
  5. Black Bean Quinoa Burgers
  6. Bruschetta Quinoa Sliders
  7. Summer Quinoa Salad
  8. Veggie Fried Quinoa
  9. Spiced Dessert Quinoa
  10. Quinoa "Mac" & Cheese