overnight oats

Back to Routine with PB&J Overnight Oats

These PB&J overnight oats are packed with protein thanks to the peanut butter powder and cooked quinoa and then they're topped with fresh strawberries, peanuts, dark chocolate, and a few goodnessKNOWS strawberry snack squares. Make the night before, enjoy the next morning (cold or hot).

You guys, I have bad news. Summer is OVER.


Back to school.

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I hate following recipes + {Overnight Oats}

Honestly, I never thought I liked cooking.  It was such a chore.  It was always so messy.  It was so tedious.  I wasn't very good at it.  I was always missing ingredients.  But what I realized is: I just hate following a recipe.  I like being creative.  I like trying new things.  I like problem-solving.  I like discovering how flavors blend.  I like creating meals based on ingredients I have available (so shopping for good staples is key!).  I like feeling accomplish ... Read more » about I hate following recipes + {Overnight Oats}