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No matter how much you plan and prepare, unforeseen things occur.  That's just life. And you have to change your plans and adapt and make the most of it.  Case in point- today. :)  I had planned to have Babycakes stay with my inlaws while I finished cleaning the house in a Cindarella-like fashion before tomorrow's professional photoshoot.  I had planned to make an amazing sangria to enjoy before summer turns into winter.  I had planned to wow you with awesome photos of said sangria.  BUT...Babycakes is sick and I had to take her to the doctor.  She just has a bad cold and fever and needs lots of rest and TLC.  So, we came straight home after the doctor's appointment instead of going to the store for sangria ingredients.  And even if I did have everything, there is no sun to be had as its been raining for about 6 hours which would make for bad pictures anyway.

So instead:

  • I will take the day off from cleaning and snuggle that baby girl as soon as she wakes up from her nap. 
  • I will enjoy the cooler rainy weather by reading a magazine on the couch under a blanket (I think it's been a year since I've done that!)
  • I will finish cleaning tonight when she's in bed.
  • I will share a wonderful Juice Cocktail recipe that most of you have never seen or tried.

Introducing this week's Healthy Living Thirsty Thursday:

{Twisted Watermelon Juice}

Lord knows I need a cocktail right about now!  The last 2 weeks have been some of the craziest I've ever experienced!! I will be so glad when the pictures are done tomorrow and we get an actual FOR SALE sign in our yard :)

Until then, I'll imagine myself feet up, relaxing on the porch, sipping this cocktail.


  • Are you good at adapting plans once unforeseen things happen?  Any tips on how to handle it?

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{Twisted Watermelon Juice}

{Twisted Watermelon Juice}


Twisted Watermelon Juice | No Sugar Sweet Life


1⁄2 Watermelon (cut into chunks )
2 Cucumbers (peeled)
2 Limes (peeled)
2 Golden Delicious Apples
1 ounce Vodka (per glass)


  1. Juice aforementioned ingredients, except for Vodka
  2. Add about 6 - 8 ice cubes to a glass
  3. Add 1oz (or more) of Grey Goose Vodka
  4. Pour in juice
  5. ENJOY!!

Yields 40 Ounces