Goals Round 2 - UPDATE

Remember that second round of goals I posted back on May 17th?  No?  Well, evidently me neither because I haven't been doing very well at working towards them!  So, rather than waiting for the entire summer to pass me by and THEN admit that I am nowhere close to meeting my goals, I am taking a moment this day to stop, reflect, refocus, and get back on track.  Are you good at getting back on track? ... Read more » about Goals Round 2 - UPDATE

Press: Magazines, Websites & Guest Posts, Oh My!

I love sharing my story.  But beyond that, deep down, I really love that I have a story to share!  This has been a life-changing year for me, both getting healthy AND developing my love for writing/blogging. The past few weeks have been especially exciting, as I have had a number of articles written and published in various magazines, websites, and other blogs.  Today I want to highlight a few of them so that you can see them too and celebrate with me!

Beautiful Layers Magazine:

Before and After

Struggling with my weight for my entire adult life, I finally decided life is too short to live perpetually unhappy.  I have lost 55 pounds in the last year and am currently working on the last 25.  I made a few simple changes to my lifestyle (less sugar, smaller portions, and more veggies) and have never felt better! I'd like to share a number of "Before and Afters" with you to detail the differences from my old life to new. ... Read more » about Before and After

7 Low Sugar Tips Anyone Can Adopt

First, I'd like to reiterate something I said yesterday on Facebook.  If you're not yet a fan, go ahead and "like" me because there's lots of additional conversations, photos, and questions that never make it on to the actual blog!  I started a devotional plan yesterday - 35 days of a bit of Bible plus a story / message that goes along with it.  I've "wanted" to be a consistent reader (of the Bible) in the past, but haven't made it a habit.  Then I ... Read more » about 7 Low Sugar Tips Anyone Can Adopt

Happy National Running Day!

Yesterday was National Running Day! (I actually didn't know until I saw the bajillion blog posts about it...heh).  But I shall celebrate none-the-less even if I'm a day late. I still don't/won't call myself a "runner"... but I am getting into the habit of running, slowly but surely.  It all started with the lovely Corrie Anne.  If you missed her guest post, be sure to go back and read it. 

No Pioneer Woman + {A Communion of Sorts}

Now I'm no Pioneer Woman, who got 48,000 comments on ONE BLOG POST (I left a comment myself to try to win an awesome turquoise pot...ha! No such luck.)  But, as I posted on Facebook yesterday, I have been overwhelmed with the number of visits/views/pins of my Strawberry Banana Greek Yogurt Bread and its Blueberry version...over 30,000 just this month!  I hope many of you have actually gotten the chance to make them and taste them for yourselves.  This excitement and pinning action piqued my interest. 

Before Babycakes: My Struggle to get Pregnant

When the opportunity came up to do a guest post for Ashley (My Food N' Fitness Diaries), I felt it was the perfect time to share my story - one that hasn't been told - of my 3 year struggle to become a mom.  As Ashley said in her recent "Making Some Changes" post, it is one of her biggest dreams in life...to become a mother.  And she is having to make some changes to her lifestyle, her exercise habits, and her nutrition in order to make that a possibility.

Sincere Thanks + {Greek Yogurt Blueberry Muffins}

To say I am overwhelmed with the positive responses and comments from yesterday's reward photoshoot post, would be an understatement.  Please accept my sincerest thanks for all of your kind words.  A whole extra level of joy was added to the celebration, being able to share in it with you!  How can I not get all warm and fuzzy when I read comments like this one?! : "If I could just choose one blog to follow and to be inspired by, it would definitely be yours. ... Read more » about Sincere Thanks + {Greek Yogurt Blueberry Muffins}


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