Quick, Easy, and HEALTHY Toddler Meals

I don’t know about you, but I am always amazed at how much or how little Babycakes can eat, depending on the day. Some days I can’t refill her plate quickly enough. Other days it just sits there on her tray, untouched. As a new mom, I often fretted over this…wishing she’d take just a few more bites. And when wishing didn’t help, there may have been some begging involved! But I’ve learned to relax and know that as long as I’m providing a variety of fresh foods, she’s going to get all the nutrients, vitamins, and calories she needs without extra prodding from yours truly.

A new favorite lunchtime “trick” I’ve been using is feeding her out of a cute little Ikea ice cube tray.  Seriously, THE best 99 cents I’ve ever spent! It’s a beautiful (and fun) presentation and an easy way to make sure you’re providing a variety.

This week’s favorite lunch:

  • Fresh raspberries
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Leftover cherry pork tenderloin

Another recent favorite:

  • Lean grass-fed beef hamburger
  • American cheese
  • Fresh diced cherries

Other combos:

  1. Edamame, fried rice, and mandarin oranges
  2. Turkey, tomatoes, and string cheese
  3. Tilapia, black beans, and corn
  4. Pasta, broccoli, and watermelon

And I even break these trays out for the occasional breakfast.

Show below: fresh diced cherries and Cherrios.

Or toast, vegetarian sausage, eggs, and tomatoes:

If everything else fails, spend a few minutes thinking about presentation, and you might just have that toddler gobbling up every bite!