Paleo Valentine's Menu + {Walnut Encrusted Scallops}

You may have noticed the word "paleo" in the title of this blogpost. Let's just get this out there now: I am not paleo, nor do I ever plan to become paleo. I love chickpeas and quinoa and cheese waaaaaaaaaay too much!!! But, that said, I got together with a group of lovely other healthy food bloggers and we came up with a fabulous health(ier) Valentine's menu that just happens to be paleo. Instead of focusing on what you CAN'T eat on the paleo diet (beans, grains, dairy), let's talk about the wonderful things you CAN eat (lean meats, nuts, and veggies galore!!).  This menu is sophisticated, delicious, and totally doable.

Speaking of Lovely Blogger Ladies...

The Menu:

Pick and choose a few of the courses, or make them all! They coordinate nicely.

Are you drooling yet?

First things first...the appetizer!

Walnut Encrusted Sea Scallops (recipe at bottom of post):

There's just something so sophisticated (and sexy!!) about sea scallops. Maybe because they're slightly expensive and unique?! Regardless, this is THE way to prepare them! The walnut crust creates a fabulous crunch, and the sweet honey mustard sauce balances the nutty flavor perfectly.

Blood Orange & Grapefruit Mock/Cocktail by Lee @Fit Foodie Finds:

Easy Roast Lamb Shoulder by Olena @ iFoodReal:

Lemon Ginger Asparagus w/Toasted Almonds by Davida @ The Healthy Maven:

And last but not least...

Flourless Chocolate Cake by Lexi @ Lexi's Clean Kitchen:

And just one more pic of my scrumptious sea scallops -- because they're so darn photogenic!

Walnut Encrusted Sea Scallops

Walnut Encrusted Sea Scallops


Walnut Encrusted Sea Scallops -- #paleo #clean


12 ounces Wild Sea Scallops
1⁄2 cup Almond Meal
2 Eggs
1 cup Walnuts (crushed)
2 tablespoons Coconut Oil
1⁄8 cup Yellow Mustard
1⁄8 cup Brown Mustard
1⁄4 cup honey


  1. Defrost Sea Scallops according to package.
  2. Set out 3 small bowls, one with almond meal, one with eggs (stirred with fork), and one with crushed walnuts.
  3. Melt 2 Tbsp Coconut Oil over medium high heat in a skillet. 
  4. Coat each sea scallop with almond meal, then dip it in the egg mixture, then coat with crushed walnuts. Add into hot skillet. Repeat for 6 scallops. 
  5. Cook for approximately 4 minutes on each side, flipping carefully with tongs to keep the coating in tact.  Scallops should be opaque white and not translucent when fully cooked.
  6. Combine the sauce ingredients in a small bowl: yellow mustard, brown mustard, and honey. 
  7. Dip scallops in the sauce and enjoy!

Yields 12 Scallops