I said no

I took advice from a fellow healthy living blogger, Lindsay (who I am going to meet this weekend!!!) and "said no."  And it felt really good.  This has been the busiest week at work for me in the last three 3 years.  I am working a ton of hours and just trying not to drown daily.  I am constantly having to reprioritize - and honestly, it's DRAINING.  For the couple of hours that I do have before I start again tomorrow, I am choosing to spend it with dear hubby.  Well, as soon as I stop typing.  See you tomorrow with the Orange Cranberry Clove Bread recipe :)

Other things I frequently say "no" to:

  • Chain letters
  • Recipe Swaps
  • Vacations with others
  • Dinners at fancy restaurants with my toddler
  • Greasy Food
  • And of course, sugary desserts

When was the last time YOU said "no" to something? 

How'd it feel?