How to Create a Seasonal Charcuterie Board

I'm kind of obsessed with seasonal cheese boards.

So far I've created a fall one, a winter one, a Valentines' one, and now this Spring one (below).

They're so fun to put together and style --- and they take advantage of what's in season. They are such crowd pleasers at parties because people can pick and choose what's in each bite.

STEP 1: Pick a few seasonal items to anchor the board.

Like for Spring, beautiful California strawberries and blanched asparagus spears will be the feature. In fall, pumpkin butter and dark concord grapes and honey-roasted pecans would make sense. Speaking of California strawberries... did you know that they are great for snacking? They are packed with vitamin C and low in sugar. (One serving of eight strawberries has more vitamin C than an orange! – 110% of the recommended daily value.)

california strawberries get snacking

STEP 2: Pick a color theme. 

For this Spring charcuterie board, I chose warm colors like pinks and reds and yellows.

For Fall, it was oranges and purples. 

For Valentine's Day, the obvious choice was pinks and reds --- and chocolate! 

STEP 3: Follow my twos rule

Include at least two of each thing: two fruits (like strawberries and apple slices), two veggies (like asparagus and cherry tomatoes), two kinds of cheeses, two meats, two crackers, two nuts, etc...

spring charcuterie board with california strawberries

STEP 4: Assembly! Set out the big things first.

Arrange the larger cheeses and dip bowls first, giving them some room in between so that they're not all squished onto one side. And then fill in around them with all of the other smaller items. 

Watch it all come to life, step by step:



Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of California Strawberries. The opinions, text, recipe, and beautiful photos are all mine. Thank you for supporting brands that support Nosh and Nourish!! I choose them based on what I already cook/create with and feel 100% confident in recommending to you.