B-Vitamins for Energy are NO JOKE!

I don't like April Fools' Day.  I hate realizing I've been duped and believed something that is just a joke lie.  (Like last year when my friend shared a sonogram on her FB page, to which I responded with some long mushy congratulatory rambling of excitement, only to find out it was a joke.  Seriously though, who jokes about THAT?!?!)  Well this weekend, I discovered something that is definitely NO JOKE.  You've probably heard of them or tasted them in the past year or two:  VitaminWater & Sobe Lifewater -  Yummy flavored drinks (some with zero calories) enhanced with various vitamins to boost this or that: Vitamin C Boost, Antioxident Boost, B-Energy Boost, etc.   Honestly, I never really read the labels all that carefully and felt like the vitamin "Boost" that they do give is minimal at best.  It was always just a way to get more water/fluid that wasn't quite as boring as water.

I was wrong.

Introducing my biggest Parenting Fail to date:

Babycakes had been sick recently and the doctor recommended some gatorade to make sure she would have/retain enough fluids.  I figured the Sobe lifewater was about the same thing - extra electrolytes, extra vitamins, zero calories, zero artifical sweeteners.  I made an honest mistake by not reading the label very carefully as to the specific "Boost" of this Strawberry Apricot flavor, and gave the lifewater to Babycakes.   She drank about 6 oz right before bed.  

I now know where the phrase "BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS" came from!!  She was literally up, energized, jumping on the bed, and going going going until 2AM.

When she hadn't fallen asleep by 10, dear hubby asked me, "what did you give her?"  I racked my brain, then remembered the lifewater.  I hurried to the garage to find the bottle to read the label.  <Insert Deep sigh>.  B-Vitamins for energy.  That explained the evening's madness.   I immediately brought her downstairs to drink some milk and eat a peanut butter sandwich to help "absorb" some of those B-Vitamins rushing through her bloodstream.   She finally fell asleep with me laying on the floor next to her at 2AM. 

Results of this madness:

  • One happy energetic toddler 6+ hours past bedtime.
  • One tired groggy momma who felt bad she'd put her baby (and herself) through that by mistake.
  • A hard bedtime the following night b/c Babycakes rather enjoyed her bubbly energetic night that ended with Momma sleeping by her side.  "Mommy sleep here" she kept saying the next night, pointing to the big bear / open floor next to her bed.
  • Dear Hubby saying, "I'm going to have to try that lifewater!!"
  • Tired Groggy Momma vowing never to bring it in the house again.

So, like I said at the beginning, those B-Vitamins: B3, B5, B6, B12 are no joke.  Boost accordingly.

Here is a picture the second night of Daddy and Chloe helping Babycakes go to bed.  This one night of B-Vitamin madness definitely threw our easy bedtime routine right out the window!

To end, I will share some other people's "Parenting Fails" featured in an article here.

1) Duck-tape Wall Carrier:

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1) Do you drink the Sobe lifewaters or Vitamin Water?  Do you feel they "Boost" your body?

2) Any of your own parenting "fails" that you don't mind admitting to?

3) Have you ever been duped by any April Fools' jokes? What was the story?