Mason Jar Salads for Every Day of the Week

For some reason (maybe because I have a four-year old), when I started thinking about this post and sharing a mason jar salad for every day of the week, all I could think about was underwear. LOL! Remember those underwear that have the days of the week on them? Well, Babycakes is starting to read and now when she's getting dressed, she's all... "I can't wear these. They say Tuesday." Thanks, underwear makers. Make my life even more miserable! ... Read more » about Mason Jar Salads for Every Day of the Week

On a Roll + {Blackberry Cucumber Chicken Salad}

This morning Pillsbury shared my Banana Cream Pie Bites with their 2 MILLION fans on Facebook, and quite a few hopped on over to look at the recipe and read a few other blogposts of mine.  Soooooooo, WELCOME to all my new readers/fans! I'm so glad you're here.  I celebrated my one year blogiversary this week, and honestly feel like I am more on a roll than ever before. I am creating so many awesome recipes -- that there are quite a few waiting in the wings to be posted, and even new key lime pie bites (ingredients purchased, cooking tomorrow). ... Read more » about On a Roll + {Blackberry Cucumber Chicken Salad}