From Book to Blog: {Florentine Peas}

A few months ago, I was contacted by one of my readers, Ginny, to see if I'd be interested in reviewing a new Italian cookbook called "A Family Farm in Tuscany."  I'm Italian. I love food. And I love free things.  So, I agreed almost immediately :)  Then life happened.. ... Read more » about From Book to Blog: {Florentine Peas}

From Bookmark to Blog: {Tomato & Lemon Tofu Sammies}

All of my Blends (blogger + friends) are amazing. Truly, Such.Great.People. And creative too! It's so wonderful to have like-minded, supportive, inspiring people around you. Which brings me to my friend Gina, from Running to the Kitchen. I read a lot of blogs each week, but she stands out as one of the best.  She continues to produce top quality recipes, photos, and stories day after day after day and has a knack for getting me to laugh out loud at my desk. I seriously love this girl! ... Read more » about From Bookmark to Blog: {Tomato & Lemon Tofu Sammies}

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