Smashed Blackberry & Basil Grilled Cheese

Time to fess up: How often/long do you look at Pinterest?  I'm probably a 15 minute a day kind of girl. I was perusing the other day, scrolling through the hundreds of pins and images when I was immediately stopped in my tracks.  I saw the most beautiful sandwich my eyes have ever seen.  I even commented on it, which I never do: "WOW. I am salivating! That looks so yummy - and the best part is... I have a bunch of blackberries in my fridge!!" Yes, I knew at that very moment, what I would be making this weekend.  If you want to start drooling, click here.  Seriously, this girl knows how to make a sandwich and her photography skills are top notch as well! 

Mine is a bit "ghettofied" as I didn't have all of her premium ingredients on hand.  But, the result was still such an amazing blend of flavors!

Why mine is ghetto:

  1. I didn't have fresh warm loaf bread.  I used regular sliced multigrain.
  2. I didn't have fontina cheese to slice.  I used a 4 cheese Italian blend - of Mozzarella, Asiago, Romano, & Provolone. Then I added a few chunks of goat cheese for added flavor (not so ghetto).
  3. I didn't carefully slice my basil leaves. I put whole basil leaves on there and let my mouth do the cutting.
  4. I didn't use olive oil to pan fry the bread.  I slathered on some spreadable butter.

So it started with this:

Then, I smashed them with a fork:

Then, I spread the smashed berries onto one side of the bread and covered with 5 large basil leaves. (I was a bit wary of this combo...but was so happy with the result!) I topped the other side with the 4 cheese blend and a few chunks of goat cheese.

And voila, Smashed Blackberry & Basil Grilled Cheese:

For step by step instructions and the full ingredient list, please check out her original recipe here.

I will definitely be making this again!


  • Do you ever make "weird" grilled cheese combos? If so, what do you include on them?
  • Do you ever drool over Pinterest recipes?  What catches your eye the most?