Another Birthday + {Avocado & Corn Bites}

Babycakes is still living on cloud 9, basking in the joy of her birthday, friends and cupcakes swirling through her head! Yesterday morning, 4 days after said birthday party, my little now-2-year-old looks over at me and says: "I want another birthday, Momma."  Can you blame her? The festivities were grand! She was surrounded by the people that love her most: family and friends. The food was delicious! I couldn't break it to her that it would be another 361 days until she'd have another birthday party. Maybe now that I'm at home more, I'll have the strength/energy/gumption to host a Christmas party. We'll see...

Speaking of parties, this new recipe would be a great party appetizer.  Easy, inexpensive, and yet a sophisticated pairing of flavors.

Introducing Avocado & Corn Bites:

Now that I'm "really" a blogger (not sure when I made that distinction), I decided it was time to invest (an entire $1.50) into a guacamole bowl. You know, the cute colorful footed bowls perfect for smashing avocados in.

I found this really tasty spicy corn relish at the local farmers' market during our recent trip to Phoenix, and have been wanting to incorporate it into a recipe.

A light creamy avocado/greek yogurt/almond-y paste juxtaposed with a spicy corn relish. Yes. Yes. YES!

Perfect little bites. 

Perfect for a party. So colorful. So cute.

Use any leftover avocado paste as a dip for quesadillas or tortilla chips. It's so versatile!


  • Do you host multiple parties throughout the year?
  • What is your favorite appetizer to bring to a party?

{Avocado & Corn Bites}

{Avocado & Corn Bites}


Greek Yogurt Avocado and Corn Bites | No Sugar Sweet Life


2 Avocados
1⁄4 cup Almonds
1⁄4 cup Mango Greek Yogurt
1 package Spicy Corn Relish
1 package Jalapeno Cornbread Squares


  1. Crush almonds (I used a meat tenderizer)
  2. Mash avocados, removing pit.
  3. Combine almonds, avocados, and greek yogurt in a small bowl. Blend until smooth (I used an immersion blender).
  4. Spread a dollop of the avocado paste onto each cornbread cracker.
  5. Top with spicy corn relish.
  6. Enjoy!

Yields 90 Bites