5 Other Bloggers' Recipes: Tested, Approved, & Loved

So I sort of not-so-eloquently announced last night on Facebook that I'm going dairy-free. I have cut out all dairy for the past month (more on that soon!!) and the epiphany came when I cheated this week and had some delicious, organic, veggie pizza topped with decadent cheese that was so graciously provided to the staff at our school as a thank you for our hard work this year. I was literally sick for the next 24 hours...super bloaty, uncomfortable stomach issues, and sooooooooo much farting. Too much information, I know!! But the bottom line is... dairy isn't good for my body. I know other people can handle it just fine, but it makes me sick. This isn't a fad "diet" or some new cool thing to do... it's a decision I'm making to feel better. 

Other Bloggers' Recipes:

During this month, I've tried a lot of new recipes from other bloggers around the web, and I decided that I should share some of my favorites with you! These are not just recipes that I "think" sound good or look good. These are recipes I made for my family and that we all tested, approved, and loved. 

1) With Food + Love -- Super Green Quinoa Salad w/Pistachios

Seriously my new favorite lunch!! So delish, so filling, and a perfect combination of flavors / textures.

2) The Year in Food -- Smokey Beetroot Hummus

It really was this pink and vibrant!! And it was soooo good with thick slices of yellow bell pepper as dippers. 

3) Love and Lemons -- Spring Green Lemon & Basil Pasta

I was shocked that my picky hubby & toddler loved it, even though it's packed with greens! #winning

4) Kitchen Daily -- Avocado Toast

I don't have enough words for how good this is!! I used paprika, sea salt, lime juice, avocado, and cilantro.

5) With Food + Love -- Beans + Greens Tacos

I know she's on here twice, but I just LOVE her stuff!! I also made her chili lime asparagus this week, but didn't have a picture because it got devoured too quickly, LOL. So these tacos...so good, so satisfying.

PS. All of these pics were taken with my phone and shared on Instagram.

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