Mason Jar Cucumber Noodle Salad


Mason Jar Cucumber Noodle Salad with Creamy Lemon Poppyseed Dressing // via Nosh and Nourish


1⁄2 cup
Olive Oil (for the dressing)
1⁄3 cup
Silk unsweetened vanilla almondmilk (for the dressing)
2 teaspoons
Lemon juice (for the dressing)
1⁄2 teaspoon
Lemon Zest (for the dressing)
1⁄4 teaspoon
Garlic Powder (for the dressing)
1⁄4 teaspoon
Sea Salt (for the dressing)
1 tablespoon
Dark Amber Maple Syrup (for the dressing)
1 teaspoon
poppy seeds (for the dressing)
a Cucumber (peeled and spiralized (or julienned))
an avocado (pitted and skin removed)
1⁄3 cup
Cooked Quinoa
1⁄3 cup
dry roasted cashews
an organic apple (diced)
2 cups
Spinach (or your favorite greens)


  1. Combine the dressing ingredients (olive oil through poppy seeds) in a large measuring cup. Use an immersion stick blender to blend the mixture for approximately 1 - 2 minutes until it is thoroughly combined and thickens. 
  2. This makes more dressing than you'll need for the one mason jar salad, so pour 1/4 cup of it into the bottom of the mason jar and then set aside the rest in the fridge for another time. 
  3. Assemble your mason jar salad: dressing in the bottom, then spiralized cucumber, quinoa, avocado, cashews, apples, and finally top it with the spinach. Make sure the jar is packed tightly. Put on your lid. 
  4. When you're ready to eat, empty the contents of the mason jar into a large salad bowl. Stir, then devour.

Yields 1 Servings