Merry Christmas & Babycakes' Sweet Voice

I know. I know. I'm supposed to be taking a holiday break from bloggingAnd for the most part, I REALLY AM. I've focused on family and the upcoming changes ahead for us, spent time on vacation visiting my folks, perused the stores to pick out meaningful gifts for each person, found fun stocking stuffers, worked on year-end accounting for Dear Hubby's business, and started packing...again :)  We close on our new house 2 days after Christmas!!!!  And today, I just wanted to share this cute little video of Babycakes. (We were parked in the neighborhood before one last outing to Target..and she is eating Plum Organics "Super Reds" non-dairy yogurt drops, made with rice milk).

Santa Claus is Comin' to Town!

And evidently:

  • He has white hair
  • He loves to wear red
  • He only has to bring Babycakes ONE present
  • Babycakes has been a bit naughty (no arguments here...!)

Have the best, happiest, most uplifting, and most enjoyable holiday week possible!