Cutting Back + {Black Bean Quinoa Sliders}

I received such a sweet comment from a new reader recently: "Hello there! I came across Nosh and Nourish through Pinterest (someone pinned your amazing butternut squash mac and cheese, yum!) and now that I've navigated through your website, I wanted to say that you are amazing, inspirational and beautiful on the inside and out! I'm looking forward to keeping up with your adventures. ... Read more » about Cutting Back + {Black Bean Quinoa Sliders}

B is for Beets + {Chili Roasted Beet Chips}

A is for Apple. B is for Beets. C is for Carrots. D is for... We have been teaching Babycakes the alphabet (with veggies and fruit), her numbers (she can count to about 13 right now...though she likes to skip 3), and three dimensional shapes (like sphere, ovoid, cube, etc). ... Read more » about B is for Beets + {Chili Roasted Beet Chips}

Insanity Workout + {Asian Layered Salad}

Confession time:                       I HATE WORKING OUT. There, I said it!!  I always like how I feel afterwards, but the before and during always suck. That being said, structure is good for me...which is why I've started the 3 month "Insanity" workout program.  Dear Hubby bought it a year or two ago thinking that we would do it together, but we only lasted about 2 weeks because it hurt his knees/joints too much. ... Read more » about Insanity Workout + {Asian Layered Salad}

My Top 10 Favorite Healthy Snacks

People who know me or who have heard my story about losing over 50 pounds ask me a variety of questions...ranging from "how'd you do it?" to "you didn't even have a birthday cake?!?!?" to "you drink broccoli?" to "what do you snack on?"  Though I've answered most of those over the weeks and months of having this blog, I'd like to give one comprehensive post with some great snack ideas that you can implement for yourself or your fami ... Read more » about My Top 10 Favorite Healthy Snacks

Eat the Rainbow + {Golden Meatloaf}

Friday's Elf for Health challenge was to "EAT THE RAINBOW" and see how many colors we could squeeze into one day.  I had so much fun making my meals as colorful as possible (with no dyes of course!).  If only I could would eat this good EVERY day :)  The challenge made me think about getting a variety of colors and nutrients/vitamins, as well as focusing on fruits and vegetables, which tend to be the most colorful foods! ... Read more » about Eat the Rainbow + {Golden Meatloaf}

Dabbling with Vegetarianism

First of all, let me preface this with: I am NOT a vegetarian.  I am dabbling with vegetarianism. There’s a huge difference!  I am not doing this for emotional reasons or based on a belief system about why the animal / meat industry is bad. I am doing this for health reasons…and because my doctor suggested it. ... Read more » about Dabbling with Vegetarianism

#TTL3 - Making Hummus

Can you even BELIEVE it's going to be September soon?!?! Though the weather sure doesn't feel like fall is coming... 97 degrees today in Colorado...OUCH!  I did, however, spend the weekend dreaming of fall: cooking end-of-summer baked beans and perfecting my pumpkin bread recipe.  It took 3 times, but I mastered it. Beautifully. ... Read more » about #TTL3 - Making Hummus

Naming Creativity + {Shrek Juice} - HLTT5

Today's post could be titled: "How to get your kids to eat more veggies" or "How to get your hubby (who sometimes acts like a kid) to eat more veggies."  The answer? Deception, of course! OK, well, not so much deception as creativity. ... Read more » about Naming Creativity + {Shrek Juice} - HLTT5