Winter Superfoods, Sweet Potato Muffins, & a giveaway!

Oh beloved summer, it's been so long since I've seen you!

Summer usually takes all the glory when it comes to healthy eating, fresh veggies, and feeling our best, right? Winter gets equated to "comfort foods," gaining weight, bulky warm clothes (all the better to hide those extra pounds), and less activity. But even in the midst of winter, you can feel super.  ... Read more » about Winter Superfoods, Sweet Potato Muffins, & a giveaway!

Cascadian Farm Berry Puffs + {Rainbow Trail Mix}

Babycakes adores trail mix. 

It's one of her favorite breakfasts. We usually alternate between scrambled eggs, green smoothies, and trail mix. I mean really, what's not to love? A little sweetness from the fruit, a little crunch from the nuts and cereal (and sometimes a hidden gem -- aka. a dark chocolate chip or two thrown into the mix)... it's a great balance of nutrition! And now there's a new addition we love: ... Read more » about Cascadian Farm Berry Puffs + {Rainbow Trail Mix}

Mason Jar Cucumber Noodle Salad + #SilkBloom

Confession: I'm moderately obsessed with mason jar salads, spiralized veggies, plant-based protein, homemade dressing, and Silk almondmilk. All of these play a role in today's recipe! ... Read more » about Mason Jar Cucumber Noodle Salad + #SilkBloom

Mason Jar Carrot Noodle Salad w/Sweet Chili Vinaigrette

Mason Jar salads are taking over the internet. Seriously, this is a major food trend right now (just take a peek at Buzzfeed, HuffPost, and Google)! And for good reason -- what a fantastic way to transport healthy, nutrient-packed salads to work without getting soggy!!

Easy Sunday Food Prep + {Curry Pumpkin Chowder}

Do you do weekly food prep on Sundays? I know some bloggers who cook / bake / prep 15+ things and spend hours upons hours in the kitchen on Sunday afternoon getting everything ready for the week. I am not one of those people. BUT, over the past year I have developed some habits that are quick, easy, and worth sharing to help you set yourself up for a healthy and delicious week ahead! ... Read more » about Easy Sunday Food Prep + {Curry Pumpkin Chowder}

Orange Kale & Brussels Salad w/Roasted Cranberries

Most of you probably know that Dear Hubby is not the biggest fan of vegetables.  The light bulb came on a few years ago when I realized I needed to get more creative in the kitchen to make veggie-laden dishes that my family would actually enjoy, or at least finish.  Since then I have created hundreds of recipes that fit the bill... ... Read more » about Orange Kale & Brussels Salad w/Roasted Cranberries

Baking Together + {Superfood Gingerbread Cookies}

One of the best parts of the holidays, in my opinion, is getting to spend more time with family and friends AND making goodies for them. I love a good excuse for people to eat my food :) Whether it's for a cookie swap or a holiday party or just tidings of good cheer in the form of a plate of cookies, these Superfood Gingerbread Cookies will be your new holiday favorite. ... Read more » about Baking Together + {Superfood Gingerbread Cookies}