Thai Chile Shrimp Sheet Pan Dinner

This Thai Chile Shrimp Sheet Pan Dinner is perfect for #SheetpanSunday (if that's not a thing, it totally should be!) --- it's full of colorful veggies + shrimp with a creamy almond butter sauce your family will love. ... Read more » about Thai Chile Shrimp Sheet Pan Dinner

Quinoa Crab Corn Chowder

This Quinoa Crab Corn Chowder is a super easy, weeknight meal full of nourishing ingredients your family will love! With a combination of canned goods bought at my local Safeway and fresh fruits and veggies, this meal comes together in under 30 minutes. 

How often do you use canned goods? Are they a staple in your pantry? Or do you prefer using all fresh? I tend to use both --- as cans can help you save prep time and get a healthy meal on the table more often.  ... Read more » about Quinoa Crab Corn Chowder

Crispy Honey Chipotle Shrimp Tacos

These crispy honey chipotle shrimp tacos are a perfect weeknight dinner, packed with superfoods, and absolutely delicious. In fact, Dear Hubby said they were the best thing I've ever made... and if you remember, I've made a LOT of things between this blog that recently turned 3 and my cookbook that came out this Spring! ... Read more » about Crispy Honey Chipotle Shrimp Tacos