Pretty Things + {Golden Goddess Juice} - HLTT3

I don't know about you, but I like pretty things. I like pretty dishware. I like pretty mugs. I like pretty tables. I like pretty fabrics. I like Babycakes' pretty little body. I like pretty pizza. And I like pretty drinks. I'm convinced part of the allure for creating new juices, smoothies, and cocktails for me (besides nutrition/health) is to photograph the vegetables and fruits that go inside and the final products! They are all just so darn pretty!

Big Announcement + {Pink Leopard Cocktail} - HLTT#2

I'm just FULL of announcements lately!  There's just so many exciting things happening, wonderful momentum, and things clicking into place.  Oh, hi, by the way! I've missed you guys :)  I'll be doing a Phoenix recap post soon! So what's the big news?  Well, I'm excited to announce that I am joining the team of talented writers over at jointhereboot.com (this is the vibrant community around the juicing documentary Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead)! ... Read more » about Big Announcement + {Pink Leopard Cocktail} - HLTT#2

Healthy Living Thirsty Thursday: {Peach Pie Juice}

So as I mentioned in last week's juice recipe round-up post, I am launching a new thing on the blog called "Healthy Living Thirsty Thursday."  No longer is Thirsty Thursday set aside for college males to down as much cheap beer as humanly possible.  No.  It is being redeemed by the healthy living community!  I will share a new juice, smoothie, or cocktail recipe each Thursday from this day forwa ... Read more » about Healthy Living Thirsty Thursday: {Peach Pie Juice}