Reboot Tips + {Love Yourself MORE}

Day 1 complete!  Here's an honest look at the first day of a Reboot.  I woke up excited to start, surprisingly refreshed given the hectic evening a few hours earlier.   It was actually the first night I EVER remember writing a to-do list for what I needed to accomplish between 8PM and 11.  Whew!!  So I started with the lovely cinnamon apple bake, but by 10:15AM I was really hungry.  I fought ... Read more » about Reboot Tips + {Love Yourself MORE}

Got 3 Minutes??? A WEEK?

If you don't have 3 minutes a week to spare, you need some serious help.  (ie. stop. drop. roll! your life is on fuego!!)  A new study came out by the BBC that claims you can get fit(ter) by exercising a certain way for 3 minutes a week.  You read that right.  Not three minutes a day, even!!  3 MINUTES A WEEK.  I was intrigued.  Are you?  Are you alive??? ... Read more » about Got 3 Minutes??? A WEEK?

My hubby didn't get me a parka for nothin'!

Whew!  I'm tired... but in a good way.  I decided today was the day to start my "lunch" exercises and make the most of my mid-day break.  Though 40 degrees and windy outside, I bucked up and admitted to myself: my hubby didn't get me a down Patagonia parka for nothing!  Appropriately bundled, I headed out the door to walk to my newfound favorite lunchspot: an organic cafe in an office building nearby... Read more » about My hubby didn't get me a parka for nothin'!