Chili Roasted Beet Hummus + Parental Advice

Soooooo excited for today's post, for a number of reasons. The first being, a bunch of bloggers and I got together to celebrate the lovely Em from The Pig & Quill and to throw her a virtual baby shower!! We are showering her with love, parental advice, and fabulous party-worthy recipes. The second reason I'm excited for this post? The amazing PINK roasted beet hummus I made, perfect since she's having a GIRL!!  ... Read more » about Chili Roasted Beet Hummus + Parental Advice

Simple Roasted Cranberries + {Cranberry Guac}

Have I told you lately that I am OBSESSED with fresh organic cranberries?! I've been making pumpkin cranberry relish to adorn turkey, paleo shortbread cookies dipped in a chocolate cranberry ganache, a citrus-y kale and brussels salad topped with roasted cranberries, and today I'm fancifying one of my favorite appetizers with them. First of all a how-to ... Read more » about Simple Roasted Cranberries + {Cranberry Guac}

Easy, Flavorful, Perfect-for-Summer: Peach Guacamole

You may not know, but 3 days a week I work a "real" job. I'm the Controller at a fabulous school and it's number-crunching-galore on those days. And then there's the other 2 days a week, where I either:

  • worked on my cookbook (now complete!)
  • try to get ahead on house stuff/chores
  • run a thousand errands
  • get to make fabulous eats to share with you!
I've found it to be a great balance for me. And really, who can complain ... Read more » about Easy, Flavorful, Perfect-for-Summer: Peach Guacamole

Paleo Valentine's Menu + {Walnut Encrusted Scallops}

You may have noticed the word "paleo" in the title of this blogpost. Let's just get this out there now: I am not paleo, nor do I ever plan to become paleo. I love chickpeas and quinoa and cheese waaaaaaaaaay too much!!! But, that said, I got together with a group of lovely other healthy food bloggers and we came up with a fabulous health(ier) Valentine's menu that just happens to be paleo. ... Read more » about Paleo Valentine's Menu + {Walnut Encrusted Scallops}

Cheer Your Team On w/this {Chipotle Cheesy Corn Dip}

I had to get all my shopping done for the weekend and gameday festivities early because of an impending snow storm here in Colorado. We're supposed to get 16 - 30 inches in the next couple of days and not get above freezing for over a week. Brrrrrrrrrrsies!! Between the storm and the Superbowl, the grocery store was crazy busy with super long lines --- even at 4PM! Have you done your shopping yet? If not, you'll want to add the ingredients for this fabulous dip to your list! ... Read more » about Cheer Your Team On w/this {Chipotle Cheesy Corn Dip}

Spinach & Kale Corn Chips + {Black Bean Hummus}

We're not talking about "regular" kale chips that you make in the oven at home like these or these.  Nooooo, we're talking about real chips you buy at the store that just happen to have spinach and kale packed inside.  The Better Chip (whose other flavors I reviewed last year) sent me a sample bag of their new Spinach & Kale Corn Chips since they know I love kale so much. How much do I love kale? Enough to include it as one of my top 6 nourishing add-ins in my new #ecookbook, enough to write ... Read more » about Spinach & Kale Corn Chips + {Black Bean Hummus}

Fudgesicles, Quinoa "Mac", Muffins & Pasta Salad...oh my!

Things are pretty busy right now, as I'm sure most of you can relate to -- with the end of summer and start to the back-to-school chaos. What makes my back-to-school chaos particularly chaotic, is that I WORK at a school... so I have to go back 2 weeks earlier than most, scramble for additional childcare, and oh, publish an e-cookbook somewhere in the middle of all that chaos :) It's all getting done, slowly but surely. ... Read more » about Fudgesicles, Quinoa "Mac", Muffins & Pasta Salad...oh my!

#ecookbook, Chobani Giveaway + {Peach Guacamole}

So those of you who follow me on Facebook know that I've decided to take on a major undertaking this summer. I am super excited to share with you that I've been working on an e-cookbook!! ... Read more » about #ecookbook, Chobani Giveaway + {Peach Guacamole}