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Eating is Social + {Reboot Sunset Juice}

OK, officially I'm on Day 9 (of 15)...more than halfway there!  Overall I've felt pretty good during this Reboot...better than the first time I did it, I think because my body is already "rebooted"...the sugar craving was already dead before I started.  One thing you'll notice though, if you ever do a Reboot of your own, is how SOCIAL eating is.  Everytime family gets together, it's to share a big meal.  If you're meeting up with a girlfriend, you'll often go ... Read more » about Eating is Social + {Reboot Sunset Juice}

50+ lbs lost with No Counting: Calories or Points

Did you know I've lost 50+ pounds without counting? No counting daily calories. No counting points - activity or food related. No counting # of meals or # of fruits/veggies. No COUNTING. ... Read more » about 50+ lbs lost with No Counting: Calories or Points

Inside MY Fridge + {Blueberry Banana Bread}

Check out my interview with Inside the Fridge's Robin Plotkin, where she asks me questions about my shopping and food habits, coveted fridge items, convenience products, meal prep, and more.  And take a peek in my ACTUAL fridge.  I can already tell you there's a few things I wish you couldn't see (ha!) like the creme brulee creamer, miracle whip, and butter :)  I promise, they hardly get touched! ... Read more » about Inside MY Fridge + {Blueberry Banana Bread}

Reboot Part 2 JUICE ONLY: Menu, Shopping List, & Cost

So the first 5 days of the Reboot are coming to a close.  I'm headed into the JUICE ONLY portion of the Reboot...a part which I think is almost easier than the really strict "eating/juicing" phase.  There's something nice about less choices.  What am I going to eat today?  Um, juice.  It is recommended (and I agree) that you should try to reach an 80/20 ratio between veggies and fruit.  ... Read more » about Reboot Part 2 JUICE ONLY: Menu, Shopping List, & Cost

Is Sugar TOXIC???? + {Sweet Potato & Carrot Fries}

Sugar. So sweet.  So yummy.  So addictive?  So TOXIC???  I know. ... Read more » about Is Sugar TOXIC???? + {Sweet Potato & Carrot Fries}

Reboot Salads + {Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti}

How's everybody doing this fine Thursday morning?  Me? I'm in a good mood, silly even, thanks for asking :)  (Babycakes' new favorite word is "silly"... accompanied by lots of giggling).  Reboot Day 3 went much better.  I was peppier, more energetic, happier, and most importantly: headache-free.  YAY!!!  Someone asked me yesterday where I get all my salad recipes.  She was looking for a resource, a place to go... ... Read more » about Reboot Salads + {Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti}

Reboot Tips + {Love Yourself MORE}

Day 1 complete!  Here's an honest look at the first day of a Reboot.  I woke up excited to start, surprisingly refreshed given the hectic evening a few hours earlier.   It was actually the first night I EVER remember writing a to-do list for what I needed to accomplish between 8PM and 11.  Whew!!  So I started with the lovely cinnamon apple bake, but by 10:15AM I was really hungry.  I fought it ... Read more » about Reboot Tips + {Love Yourself MORE}