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What is it for?

First the confession: I sometimes often shop at Walmart.  There I said it.  Judge me as you like, but I have my reasons:  a) It's the closest by distance (1/3 the distance to a regular grocery store) and b) I don't feel the need to dress up or look my best.  Ha!  Because, hey... ... Read more » about What is it for?

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses...

I know weight-loss is a tough topic for most of us.  It is easy to feel lots of guilt, shame, and 100 other awful things when we start thinking about our weight, where we're at, where we think we should be, etc.  So this morning, I just want to touch on some of the top excuses (reasons) I came up with personally, that have kept me from getting the body I know I deserve. ... Read more » about Excuses, Excuses, Excuses...

Week 1 Weigh-in: Moment of Truth

So...did my efforts pay off???  Before we get to this week's weigh-in/reveal, I must say I do feel like I worked harder than usual this week.  Which is a good thing.  I felt a lot more intentional.  I thought about what I ate: whether it was helping or hurting my goals.  I thought about moving and being more active, and put those thoughts into action (though I can still do more!). ... Read more » about Week 1 Weigh-in: Moment of Truth

Got 3 Minutes??? A WEEK?

If you don't have 3 minutes a week to spare, you need some serious help.  (ie. stop. drop. roll! your life is on fuego!!)  A new study came out by the BBC that claims you can get fit(ter) by exercising a certain way for 3 minutes a week.  You read that right.  Not three minutes a day, even!!  3 MINUTES A WEEK.  I was intrigued.  Are you?  Are you alive??? ... Read more » about Got 3 Minutes??? A WEEK?

Recipe: Steak Mole over Polenta

I made a super yummy new Mexican dish tonight... and I followed no recipe.  I created my own, and it felt (and tasted) astonishingly good! 

Introducing K's Steak Mole over Polenta!  And of course I documented the whole process by photo for your enjoyment :)

First, I sliced pre-made polenta (plain flavor) and baked it in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes while I was preparing the rest of the meal. ... Read more » about Recipe: Steak Mole over Polenta

A Case of the Mondays --- Brutally Honest

I thought about just not posting.  But, that's not really fair or transparent.  So here I am, in full blahness and frustration bearing my soul thoughts to you :) I'm hoping you can relate to this and in the end, find encouragement.  Even less than a week in to this new journey of blogging and refocus on weight loss, I am wishing the whole process was easier.  No, not creating a blog post.  That's re ... Read more » about A Case of the Mondays --- Brutally Honest

Recipe: Homemade V8 --- yummola!

A reader of my blog recently asked me: "How'd you lose that first 40 pounds?"  For me the keys were: smaller portions and the addition of veggie juice(s) to my diet.  Yes, some exercise here and there too, but those two changes helped me immensely.  I haven't juiced in awhile, so I thought I'd make some this weekend and post up the recipe.  My two favorites are: Mean Green (full of kale, spinach, parsley, lemon, & apple) and Homemade V8 (recipe ... Read more » about Recipe: Homemade V8 --- yummola!