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Our Words Matter + {My Pretty Body}

My toddler's desire to run around the house naked increases by the minute. Those of you with 2 year olds totally understand! ... Read more » about Our Words Matter + {My Pretty Body}

Health Benefits of Nuts + {Nutty Butter Giveaway}

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Mine was especially good with eats like Chocolate Chip Banana Bread (my newest and BEST banana bread recipe!) and Peach/Caramelized Onion Pizza, as well as a cooler weather, a long bike ride, Olympics, and running into one of my awesome readers at the local market!! ... Read more » about Health Benefits of Nuts + {Nutty Butter Giveaway}

Olympics + {CHOcolate Chip Banana Bread}

I don't know about you, but I just LOVE watching the Olympics.  Every night I find myself promising I'm going to go to bed early earlier, to no avail. I just have to keep watching! It's intriguing. It's inspiring. And I love seeing the smiles on the faces of the champions.  They have trained so hard for that moment, sacrificed so much, and just want to be the the world.  You've probably seen the commercials, but Chobani is sponsoring this year's Olympics!  Talk about big time :)  The forward momentum they have is amazing ... Read more » about Olympics + {CHOcolate Chip Banana Bread}

Recipe for a Great Vacation!

As you probably know realized with the plethora of guest posts, I was gone this week in Arizona visiting my grandmother (GiGi) and my parents.  It was NOT prime visiting time in Arizona (hello, 108 not nice to meet you), but it was so wonderful to spend time together...even if mostly inside with the air conditioner on. ... Read more » about Recipe for a Great Vacation!

Big Announcement + {Pink Leopard Cocktail} - HLTT#2

I'm just FULL of announcements lately!  There's just so many exciting things happening, wonderful momentum, and things clicking into place.  Oh, hi, by the way! I've missed you guys :)  I'll be doing a Phoenix recap post soon! So what's the big news?  Well, I'm excited to announce that I am joining the team of talented writers over at (this is the vibrant community around the juicing documentary Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead)! ... Read more » about Big Announcement + {Pink Leopard Cocktail} - HLTT#2

Guest Post: My first 5K

Babycakes and I are enjoying our last full day of vacation.  She is currently at the pool splashing around with her Nonni and Poppi, soaking in as much fun and excitement as humanly possible!  We have had a wonderful time and eaten a wide variety of interesting foods.  Babycakes' favorite meal was the homemade goat cheese, carmelized onions, and fig pizza! I so love that she's so adventurous and actually enjoys a wide range of healthy foods. ... Read more » about Guest Post: My first 5K